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About Me

I am a singer/songwriter/worship leader. Many of my songs are prayers, reflecting my own spiritual journey, but increasingly I am writing songs based on interactions I have with people, as  a thought occurs to me, or a truth surfaces. I’ve begun trying my hand at writing French worship songs, but I still have lots to learn

My husband and I, with our two young daughters, live in a beautiful tiny village in the French Alps. We were all born in Canada and lived there for most of our lives, with a brief year-and-a-half in Germany. And now we’re enjoying our mountaintop experience!

These days I am starting to recognize the extent of my need for God, and it’s still surprising to me how MUCH I need Him. And yet, His grace surprises me even more. And in His mercy, God is also helping me experience more and more of His love as I bring Him more and more of my brokenness. His kindness and gentleness overwhelm me.