In Your Power Lyrics

In Your Power

01 In Your Power  (Philippians 3:21)

My refuge from the storm, my strong tower
I am drowning here, I am surrounded here
Overwhelmed by all I see, all I see
And I've been thinking you were weak or too far away to hear me
Yes I have thought that you were weak or too far away to see

But Lord, I believe
In your power the sea was parted and the blind man could see
In your power you healed the broken-hearted,
Can you deliver me, will you deliver me?

My closest friend, my counsellor
I am broken here, I am hopeless here
Overwhelmed by all I feel, all I feel

Break these chains and bind my wounds and breathe new life in me

02 Be My Peace (Philippians 4:7)

I am waiting, I am listening for your voice to break the silence here
In my heart, in my mind
I have seen that I can trust you
You've been faithful, even when I doubt your plan, your love

But that just doesn't seem to make it easier this time
No, I am broken and uncertain, wondering where you are

You are watching and you're waiting for me to lay all my burdens down
At your feet, and fall in your arms
But I keep hoping if I keep holding on to this that
I can change your mind on what I want, what I need

Be my wisdom, be my vision, be my comfort, be my joy
Be my stillness, be my strength, but please, be my peace

03 Create In Me (Psalm 103:12-14)

I've failed you once again, betrayed a sacred trust
Look on me in my pain, remember I am dust
A prodigal at heart, I chose another way
I stand a world apart, on my knees I pray

Create in me a clean heart, O God, O God

So weary from the fight, poisoned arrows found their mark
Discouraged at the sight of advancing dark
The child inside me dies in company of sin
The hatred, fear, and lies, I have let them in

04 Psalm 116

I love the Lord for he heard my cry,
He turned his ear unto me
Overcome by sorrow I called
Entangled by the cords of death I cried
On his name: Lord, save me!

Our God is full of compassion,
Is gracious and righteous
Is our helper and our shield

The Lord saved my soul from death,
He delivered my eyes from their tears
He kept my feet from stumbling
So I could walk before the Lord
Truly I am his servant - he freed me from my chains!

In the presence of his people
In the courts of the house of the Lord
I fulfill my vows to the Lord
I lift up the cup of salvation
O my soul, praise the Lord!

05 Just Believe
(Malachi 3:6, James 1:17)

Disappointment comes so often when we put our trust in things below
We've got to set our sights to look above
And we'll find the God that we can know

Because in Him there is no turning
He will not change, He will not leave
We will never be forsaken
Oh, just believe

Learning to trust him is hard
We have to let go of all the things we hold
But when we give Him all our sorrows,
You know he turns our brass into gold

When we earnestly seek his face
He will show us which was we should go
And on that path we'll find fullnes of joy
And he'll be there to help us grow

06 I Need You (2 Corinthians 12:9)

I will let you lead me because I can't trust these eyes to find
The path that I must follow, since I can't see the forest for the trees

I surrender my desires and all my bright and shiny dreams
And all of my worries and fears that I hold on so tightly to

I need you to walk before me,
And hold me close in case I fall
Be the ground so firm beneath me
And give me wings so I can soar

I know that you are faithful, and my confidence rests securely in
The love of my Father - you care for me and help me carry on

When the raging storms roll in and I doubt your faithful love again
Lord, hold my face between your hands and keep my eyes on you

07 All I Am (Romans 7:15, Matthew 26:41)

I am empty, but so full of myself
Trying to be more, but knowing that I'm less
I tell you I'm sorry and then I turn away again

This war, this mess, this struggle,
It is everything I am and it is all I have to give
You ask me to lay it down so
This is what I offer you:

Take me now, make me new, this is all I am, this is all I have

My head is held high, high up into the clouds,
But my feet are stuck firm in the ground
My soul longs to fly but my flesh is pulling me down

I know that there's more, so much more than this,
And every so often I can catch a glimpse,
But then the light fades and all I can see is myself

08 Just Like Jesus (Philippians 2:5-7)

I can see him standing on a hill, crying, Come to me!
I can see him healing broken lives, smiling, Peace, be free!

I can see him teaching countless crowds bringing sight to blinded eyes
I can see him with the Pharisees, speaking truth for all their lies

God I only want to be just like your Son
God I only want to be walking in light
God I only want to be just like your Son
God I only want to be just like Jesus,
Just like Jesus

I can see him dying on a tree, whispering, Father, it is done!
I can see Him rising from the grave, shouting, Now the battle's won!

09 God Of Comfort (2 Corinthians 1:3-4)

God of comfort, God of mercy, pour your oil on the hurting
We are wounded, we are suffering, we are asking where you are

For you are Almighty God, creator of all
Yet you know when this sparrow falls
I will rest in Your power, in Your arms

Abba Father, the same forever, hold me closer to your heart
Teach me patience, let me struggle, dry my tears and give me joy

10 The Light Will Come (1 Peter 2:9, 2 Samuel 22:29)

Sitting in the corner waiting for tears to fall
Protection built around my back, it doesn't help at all
Silently, my strength has left me
I scream your name, O won't You help me?

I drown in darkness deeper than the darkest night
I'm losing ground but I don't care, I can't even fight
How will I get out of here,
So contented in my fear?

The Light will come - it won't be long now
The Light will come - I'll sing my victory song

Waiting for your hands to lift me out of my despair
I feel nothing buy my pain so, are you even there?
Slowly a calmness grows,
I lift my head 'cause now I know

songs copyright 2007, Karla Drader