The Light Will Come Lyrics

01. The Light Will Come (1 Peter 2:9, 2 Samuel 22:29)
Sitting in the corner waiting for tears to fall
Protection built around my back, it doesn't help at all
Silently, my strength has left me
I scream your name, O won't You help me?

I drown in darkness deeper than the darkest night
I'm losing ground but I don't care, I can't even fight
How will I get out of here,
So contented in my fear?

The Light will come - it won't be long now
The Light will come - I'll sing my victory song

Waiting for your hands to lift me out of my despair
I feel nothing buy my pain so, are you even there?
Slowly a calmness grows,
I lift my head 'cause now I know

02 Psalm 116

I love the Lord for he heard my cry,
He turned his ear unto me
Overcome by sorrow I called
Entangled by the cords of death I cried
On his name: Lord, save me!

Our God is full of compassion,
Is gracious and righteous
Is our helper and our shield

The Lord saved my soul from death,
He delivered my eyes from their tears
He kept my feet from stumbling
So I could walk before the Lord
Truly I am his servant - he freed me from my chains!

In the presence of his people
In the courts of the house of the Lord
I fulfill my vows to the Lord
I lift up the cup of salvation
O my soul, praise the Lord!

03. Now and Forever
't let me lose this vision in my soul
't let me turn from what I know is true
't let me lose these thoughts of You

't ever let your still small voice
Be drowned out by the sound of other things
Help me keep the fire your true love brings

For you Lord, are the healer and the lover of my soul, now and forever

With all my heart I want to live for you
I want to grow in the centre of your will
Each day draw me closer still

I love you more than I could ever say
O thank you for the grace you
've shown to me
Thank you for the love that sets me free

04. Faithful

You show me that you
're faithful over and over again
So why can
't I just wait and let you show me the way?

In my life, God, you were always there
Looking back I see you never failed
Pouring out blessings on me, lighting paths I couldn
't see
And when it sometimes seemed that you had gone
Later I saw you there all along

There will always be those storms to face
But you will be there with your strength and grace
Fears may come and overwhelm my heart
Tears may come and the sky look dark
But you will never leave me on my own
'll come to take my hand and lead me home

05. Father

Falling down to my knees, I
've been listening to the lies
Forgive me, help me, tell me
How you hear my cries, you hear my cries

Father, Father, I love you my Father
I praise your name, I praise your name

Knowing that without you, I would surely fall
Break me and hold me, mould me,
Help me give you my all, h
elp me give you my all

Giving my life to you, offering all I am
Cleanse me and fill me, use me
Define who I am, define who I am

06. Create in Me (Psalm 103:12-14)

I've failed you once again, betrayed a sacred trust
Look on me in my pain, remember I am dust
A prodigal at heart, I chose another way
I stand a world apart, on my knees I pray

Create in me a clean heart, O God, O God

So weary from the fight, poisoned arrows found their mark
Discouraged at the sight of advancing dark
The child inside me dies in company of sin
The hatred, fear, and lies, I have let them in

07. Adonai
I have longed to see your face
And be baptized in your grace
But you seem so far away from me

Do you hear me as I cry
Do you see me as I try
To hold on to what is good in me

Adonai, Adonai, Adonai

You alone know who I am
The lost and frightened little lamb
Who is tired of searching for the path back home

08. There is Hope

My child, I know this hurts you, I ache to see your pain
But rest in me and trust me, the sun will shine after the rain

There is hope, there is joy, there is peace, peace and love in me
There is hope, there is joy, there is peace, peace and love for you,
In me

Believe that there is good to come - I will not leave your side
I am here to love and hold you - you can come to cry and hide

But then you must be strong my child, and live your life again
So the suffering you have learned from might ease another
's pain

09. Just Like Jesus
(Philippians 2:5-7)
I can see him standing on a hill, crying, Come to me!
I can see him healing broken lives, smiling, Peace, be free!

I can see him teaching countless crowds bringing sight to blinded eyes
I can see him with the Pharisees, speaking truth for all their lies

God I only want to be just like your Son
God I only want to be walking in light
God I only want to be just like your Son
God I only want to be just like Jesus,
Just like Jesus

I can see him dying on a tree, whispering, Father, it is done!
I can see Him rising from the grave, shouting, Now the battle's won!

10. You Have Seen

You see the sparrow fall, broken on the street
You see the strong man victimize the weak
You see the child die, you see the wicked prosper
You see the mother crying for her daughter

And I weep and wonder why
And I wait for the answer to my question
I know you
're in heaven, and I know that you cry
With eyes that see, you cry

You see a man of God, stumble and then falter
And no one comes to help him, no one bothers
You see judges hating justice, leaders getting lost
You see the son who never knows his father

11. For So Long Now

I've been waiting, I've been trying, I've been shaking, and I've been crying
For so long now, for so long
've been listening, I've been praying, I've been whispering, and I've been screaming
For so long now, for so long
But I know that you hear me, and I know that you
're here

've been searching, I've been hiding, I've been working, and I've been fighting
For so long now, for so long

12. Come to Me

O God, can
't you see, can't you feel the pain in me?
Oh my heart, hurts so much, how I need to feel your touch

O my child, my precious child, come to me
O my child, d
on't you know I am all you need?

O my child, can
't you see, can't you feel the pain in me?
O my child, I love you
How I long for you to love me too

Child come, come to me
Let me dry the tears from your eyes
My son died to give you life - abundantly
Come to me

Come to me, you
're weary
Come to me, lay your burdens down
Come to me, come to me
'll show you my best, I'll give you rest, Come to me

O my child, can't you see, can't you feel this pain in me?
O my child, I love you so
Just be still, then you
'll know, come to me

13. The Prodigal

I kneel before you, broken
I tried it on my own
You are the only one who can heal this heart of mine
Father, I
've come home

Child, I was always with you
I never turned away
Even when you turned from me and mocked the things I said
Child, I longed to hold you in my arms

't you know that I was always there
't you feel my presence everywhere
Did you hear me calling or sense my father
's heart
Aching for the child on her own

Child, please believe I love you
With a greater love than you have ever known
've been so lonely all your life
But now that you
've come home
've found that love you've wanted for so long
've found that love beside you all along