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About Me


Building on a BA (1999) and B.Ed (2000), I have a Masters of Theological Studies (2020), which included a practicum in spiritual formation from Tyndale University and am a Certified Spiritual Director (CSD) with CCPC Global. I also completed training in spiritual direction with Compagnons de Routes Suisse in 2016. I'm a member of the Tyndale Association of Spiritual Directors and the Canadian Fellowship of Christian Spiritual Directors, and am personally receiving (and greatly benefiting from) ongoing spiritual direction and supervision. I completed a certificate on the Enneagram through Tyndale with instructors Sue Guttenstein and Cynthia Stevens, and am working towards certification with The Narrative Enneagram.

A little background...

  • My beginnings were in Northern Ontario, and with my family (wonderful husband, two delightful teenage LOTR-obsessed daughters and two cuddly cats) have lived in Germany, the French Alps and Normandy, now back in Waterloo.

  • I sing, play piano and a bit of guitar, and write my own songs. I've led worship for over 30 years in a wide variety of contexts.

  • I love exploring new places, experimenting with new foods, and being creative in various ways.

  • I'm an Enneagram geek, appreciating this tool for its effective help in self-awareness. I see through the lens of a Four.

  • I'm an outgoing introvert. I enjoy coffee, corny jokes and board games.

  • Supporting people on their unique spiritual journey is an absolute joy, and am thrilled to be able to do that in spiritual direction, and also in my role as Associate Pastor at Nexus Church in Kitchener.

My experience in prayer...

  • For me, prayer can be incredibly rich, and devastatingly dry. Finding new ways of praying encourages me, and allows me to grow in my awareness of God and trust the Love that holds us all. Journaling helps me focus, connect with God, and notice growth. I also enjoy various spiritual practices like Lectio Divina and Gospel Contemplation and sometimes sing my prayers to God.

  • Guides on the journey for me are my family and friends, church community, as well as the voices of: David Benner, Sarah Bessey, Rachel Held Evans, Richard Foster, Alice Fryling, Margaret Guenther, Russ Hudson, Gerard Kelly, Anne Lamott, Thomas Merton, Henri Nouwen, Richard Rohr, Margaret Silf, Suzanne Stabile, T.F. Torrance, N.T. Wright, and many others.


Trusting the Holy Spirit to guide us, I would love to hold space for you to explore God's invitations to you, so you come to know more fully the depth of God's love for you, and to experience more of the freedom and joy of life in Christ.

My fee is $75 for a sixty minute session. We can meet online or in person in the Kitchener/Waterloo area.

Je pourrais vous offrir l'accompagnement spirituel en français si vous voulez...

Contact me with questions, or to set up a session. karla@drader.ca